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Have you dreamed of being a model but have no idea how to go about doing so?  You are not alone.  We have interviewed thousands of people just like you and they all say the same thing "modeling has been a dream to me, but there is no information in the stores telling individuals how to get started".  This book will clearly answer your questions and will be a big help to you.  It will save you thousands of dollars!  You will learn how to obtain paid bookings without spending thousands of dollars!  Here are some of the topics that are covered in the book:

  • Dispelling Common Myths in the Modeling Industry
  • Over 20 different modeling categories are covered and MOST HAVE NO HEIGHT REQUIREMENT.
  • Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get into Modeling
  • You will clearly know what type of modeling jobs you qualify for once you read the book.  This is crucial, as it is impossible to be a successful model if you do not know where you fit in.
  • You will learn how to secure a legitimate Agent
  • Portfolio and Comp Cards - you will learn how to build a working portfolio, comp card AND MANY MORE MONEY SAVING TIPS
  • Makeup tips for male and female models given by famed Hollywood makeup artist and Cinema Secret's Cosmetics founder Maurice Stein. 

Many professional models use Maurice's makeup! His store in Burbank, California provides makeup and prosthetics to many Hollywood Studios. His career spans over 40 years with more than 4,000 commercials to his credit and over 200 film and television projects to his credit such as the "Star Trek" series, "Golden Girls", "Friday the 13th" and much more. 

Bonus:  A 15% lifetime coupon for Cinema Secrets' Retail Cosmetics is included for buyers of Kali's book.

About the author:
Kali Mitchell has worked as a successful commercial print model and agent for years.  She has appeared in national magazines, television commercials and worked as a national spokesmodel for L'Oreal, Cover Girl, and Max Factor. 
Kali is a national calendar model and aspiring actress as well.  Kali has been seen on the following shows:
*Charmed (The W.B. network)
*The O.C. (Fox network)
*Angel (The W.B. Network)
*General Hospital (ABC Daytime)
Kali has worked as a petite runway model for companies like JC Penney.  She has done print work for numerous magazines, newspapers and brochures.  She has been seen in Mademoiselle Magazine, Seventeen, Shape Magazine, Southern Living and Texas Monthly.  Kali has done various other modeling jobs for companies such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Procter & Gamble, Microsoft, Gateway, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Coca Cola, Chevron, Fleer, Imax Canada, Tivo, Disney, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Intel and Buick - just to name a few.
Kali Mitchell has trained hundreds of people who had been trying to get into this wonderful industry for years.  Most having no success until they learned her secrets.  This is why you need this book.
This book was written with collaboration from SCW Promotions Model and Talent Agency LLC, a national licensed agency.


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